Child and Youth Counseling

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Phrases like ‘you’ll get over it’ or ‘it’s just normal teenage stuff’ from well-meaning adults often exacerbate very real battles that are happening in the minds of children and teenagers. I have always had a passion for understanding and helping others; However, a lack of mental health support during both high school and university slowed my pursuit of becoming a mental health professional. Self-doubt crept in when several, well-meaning counselors independently came to the same conclusion: being a kid isn’t that hard, you’ll get over it.


The reality is that 1 in 5 youth in Ontario will personally experience struggles with mental health, and it’s estimated that only 1/6 of these children will receive the treatment they need*.


I’ve realized that my early experiences with the mental health system gave me the insight needed to create a safe space for other struggling youth. Since then, I have dedicated myself to becoming an active listener, advocate, and partner in helping youth feel in control of their mental health, and to helping adults who were unable to get the assistance they needed earlier in life. All of this is done from a faith-based perspective, helping my clients to grapple with some of life's big questions.

My services are tailored to children's interests to foster the highest level of engagement, using methods adapted from play-based counseling, cognitive and dialectical behavioural models, therapeutic art, and faith-based tools. I place extra emphasis on teaching children skills in the areas of emotional regulation, mindfulness, communication, and collaborative problem solving. Adolescents will begin to focus on healthy relationships, stress management, goal setting, and college preparation.